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Yankees Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Accuses Advisor of Stealing $3 Million

Yankees Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Accuses Advisor of Stealing $3 Million, featured by top securities fraud attorneys, The White Law Group

Ardolis Chapman, Yankees Pitcher, reportedly files lawsuit against Pro Management Resources in Broward County, FL

New York Yankees relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman has reportedly filed a lawsuit against his former financial advisor and money manager, alleging that the advisor stole $3 million for luxury items including “trysts with an exotic dancer,” according to Financial Advisor Mag on November 19.

Albertín “Aroldis Chapman” de la Cruz reportedly filed a lawsuit last month against Pro Management Resources and several individuals as defendants in the Circuit Court for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida.

Chapman reportedly hired Pro Management Resources as his business manager and financial advisor almost ten years ago,  according to the lawsuit. The firm reportedly took care of all of Chapman’s banking, credit card and investment accounts as well as securing loans and mortgages, paying his bills and preparing his tax filings.

According to the suit, the firm and one of its employees purportedly diverted close to $3 million to benefit the employee as well as two other individuals, using cash transfers and purchases that were allegedly unknown to Chapman. The employee also purportedly took out lines of credit in Chapman’s name to pay for his own personal expenses without permission.

Some of the luxury items purportedly purchased with the allegedly stolen funds included a home worth close to $1 million, cars, first- class plane tickets, clothing,  jewelry, etc., according to the suit.

The lawsuit further alleges that the firm and one of its principals failed to inform Chapman after learning of the unauthorized transfers, and instead purportedly attempted to conceal the alleged embezzlement.

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