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Recovery of Tejas Eagle Financial Investment Losses

Have you lost money in Tejas Eagle Financial, LLC?  If so, the securities attorneys of The White Law Group may be able to help.

According to a report in the Courthouse News, Delsa Thomas, a financial advisor formerly with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, allegedly recommended that investors invest in Tejas Eagle Financial, LLC while she was employed by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.  Several of her clients are now claiming in a lawsuit that Thomas “took advantage of the trust she had built ….and proposed that each invest into …. Tejas Eagle Financial LLC.”  These clients further allege that Tejas Eagle Financial is nothing more than a ponzi scheme.

The White Law Group is currently investigating the potential liability that Morgan Stanley Smith Barney may have for failure to properly supervise Delsa Thomas and to uncover this alleged ponzi scheme.  Brokerage firms have a responsibility to supervise their financial advisors and to ensure that their agents are complying with the applicable securities laws when recommending investments to clients.  To the extent that it can be demonstrated that Morgan Stanley Smith Barney failed to adequately supervise Thomas, the firm may be liable for any losses that occurred as a result of her actions.

According to Delsa Ulrica Thomas’ FINRA Broker Report (CRD), she was employed by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney from June 2009 through February 2011 in the firm’s Dallas, Texas office.  Her CRD further indicates that prior to working for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Delsa Thomas had worked for Citigroup Global Markets from August 2006 through June 2009.

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