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Recovery of 1861 Capital Management Fund Losses

The White Law Group is investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who invested in the 1861 Capital Management municipal arbitrage fund.

The municipal bond arbitrage strategy employed by this fund was risky and exposed investors to significant losses.

It appears that 1861 Capital Management Fund was marketed to clients as a fixed income product offering slightly higher returns than a municipal bond.  In reality, the trading strategy employed by the fund was far riskier.  Based on the way the product was marketed, investors (many of them retirees) reasonably believed that their investment in this fund was conservative.

Various brokerage firms, including UBS, sold this product to many of their high net worth clients.

If you have questions about investments you made in the 1861 Capital Management fund, The White Law Group may be able to help.  For a free consultation, please call the firm’s Chicago office at 312-238-9650.

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