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Oklahoma Securities Laws

Each state has its own securities laws. The following are selected sections of the Oklahoma securities laws that are generally applicable in FINRA arbitrations.

660:11-7-42. Standards of ethical practices
(a) Purpose. This rule is intended to set forth the standards of ethical practices for investment advisers and investment adviser representatives. Any noncompliance with the standards set forth in this section will constitute unethical practices in the securities business as the same is set forth in Section 1-411.D.13 of the Securities Act; however, the following is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all specific events or conditions that may constitute such unethical practices. The standards shall be interpreted in such manner as will aid in effectuating the policy and provisions of the Securities Act, and so as to require that all practices of investment advisers and investment adviser representatives in connection with their activities in this state shall be just, reasonable and not unfairly discriminatory. The standards set forth in this section and the disclosure delivery requirement set forth in 660:11-7-43 shall apply to all investment advisers and investment adviser representatives.

(b) Standards. An investment adviser or investment adviser representative shall not engage in dishonest or unethical practices including, although not limited to, the following:

(1) Recommending to a client to whom investment supervisory, management or consulting services are provided the purchase, sale or exchange of any security without reasonable grounds to believe that the recommendation is suitable for the client on the basis of information furnished by the client after reasonable inquiry concerning the client’s investment objectives, financial situation and needs, and any other information known by the investment adviser or investment adviser representative.

(3) Inducing trading in a client’s account that is excessive in size or frequency in view of the financial resources, investment objectives and character of the account.

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