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Investor Alert: United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund LP

United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund

United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund LP – Securities Investigation

Are you concerned about your investment in United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund LP?

According to its website, United Development Funding (UDF) invests in the development and construction of new, affordable, single-family homes through a family of public and private funds, which direct investor capital towards the financing of homebuilders and land developers.

UDF has been under scrutiny for the last couple of years due to an FBI investigation into United Development Funding IV (UDF IV) and the allegations that the company was operating a Ponzi scheme.

The White Law Group has handled a number of claims involving United Development Funding over the years. In those claims, the firm has alleged, among other things, that the UDF investments were:

  • High-risk and unsuitable for our clients given their financial situation, needs and investment objectives,
  • The risks of the investment were not fully disclosed to them
  • The brokerage firms that sold the investments failed to conduct the proper due diligence with respect to the UDF investments.

Free consultation with a Securities Attorney

If you purchased United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund LP, based on the recommendation of a broker-dealer firm you may also be eligible to pursue claims in arbitration against the firm. It is possible to seek compensation for any losses you suffered as a result of those investments.

Brokers have a fiduciary duty to perform due diligence on any investment and to insure that investment recommendations are consistent with their client’s age, net worth, risk tolerance, investment experience and objectives, risk tolerance. If a broker overlooks suitability requirements, investors may have an actionable claim to recover their losses in a product in a claim through FINRA dispute resolution.

The White Law Group has handled dozens of FINRA arbitration claims against brokerage claims involving those firms improper sale of United Development Funding investments, including UDF III and UDF IV.

If you believe you have suffered losses investing in United Development Funding Land Opportunity Fund LP, the securities attorneys at The White Law Group may be able to help you. For a free consultation with a securities attorney, please call 1-888-637-5510.

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