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Recovery of Arden Sage (formerly Robeco Sage) Investment Losses

The White Law Group is investigate the sale of  Robeco-Sage Triton Fund, L.L.C., and Robeco-Sage Multi-Strategy TEI Master Fund, L.L.C. by brokerage firms who may have failed to perform adequate due diligence when recommending these products to clients.

According to the Robeco website (here), the Arden Sage Trition Fund (formerly Robeco-Sage  Trition Fund)  is a multi-strategy fund of hedge funds that “invests substantially all of its assets in Arden Sage Multi-Strategy TEI Master Fund (formerly Robeco-Sage Triton Master Fund, L.L.C.,” “which invests its assets primarily in foreign private investment funds, joint ventures, investment companies, and other similar investment vehicles.”

According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Robeco-Sage was transferred to Arden Asset Management in June of 2011.  The complex “master/feeder” structure is constructed of the following “feeder funds,” Arden Sage Triton Fund, Arden Sage Multi-Strategy TEI Institutional Fund, and Arden Sage Multi-Strategy Fund, which are invested through the “master fund,” Arden Sage Multi-Strategy Master Fund, L.L.C.

Hedge funds are speculative investments and use an array of advanced investment strategies.   Typically, hedge funds are offered through private placements, which are largely unregulated by the SEC, and are intended for sophisticated investors.  Brokerage firms are required to take into consideration a client’s age, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, investment experience and financial objectives in order to make suitable investment recommendations. As such, investments like the Robeco-Sage Fund are not suitable for many retail investors.

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