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Investigation into CORE Series 2007-A 8% Secured Debenture

According to a recent letter to shareholders, Core Realty Holding informed investors that Pershing, LLC will not maintain promissory notes, like CORE Series 2007-A 8% Secured Debentures, in retirement and non-retirement accounts. Perishing will be removing Core from accounts on August 17, 2015.

In order to avoid potential tax consequences, investors were strongly urged to transfer Core to another custodian within 60 days. CORE Series 2007-A 8% Secured Debenture is purportedly approved to be held at the following custodians: Sterling/ Equity Trust Company, TD Ameritrade Clearing, First Trust Company of Onaga, and Millennium Trust Company.

Unfortunately for investors, some brokerage firms that sold CORE  may have marketed the investments as “safe,”and/or downplayed the risks.

Brokers that mislead investors or do not adequately disclose the risks associated with an investment may be in violation of securities law and liable for investment losses.

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