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National Futures Association Takes Action against TS Capital Management

TS Capital Management LLC is a commodity pool operator out of Alabama. The National Futures Association (NFA) recently announced that it has taken emergency enforcement action against the commodities firm “to protect investors in commodity pools and other investment vehicles controlled by TS Capital Management and/or John Stroud (also known as John David Stroud or David Stroud). Stroud is an owner and the CEO of the firm.”

The NFA release about the Member Responsibility Action (MRA) taken indicates that TS Capital Management “failed to cooperate with NFA in its audit and investigation of the firm by failing to produce books and records and other information requested by NFA.” The NFA stated that they were concerned to learn that TS Capital Management “is affiliated with several unregistered entities operated by Stroud.” It appears that Stroud and TS Capital has not been totally forthright with the NFA with regards to “certain transactions involving the firm and the activities of its affiliates.”

Due to the fact that the NFA has been unable to complete their investigation to determine “whether or not TS Capital Management and Stroud have acted properly in their dealings with investors; whether they misused investors’ funds; whether they provided false information to investors concerning the status of their investments; and whether TS Capital Management is in full compliance with NFA Requirements” they have taken the enforcement action.

The NFA has frozen TS Capital Management’s ability to “[solicit] or [accept] any funds or investments for any pools or other investment vehicles over which TS Capital Management or any of its principals, including Stroud, exercises control and [to place] any trades.” Additionally they have prohibited “TS Capital Management from disbursing or transferring any funds of customers, investors, pool participants or commodity pools over which it exercises control without prior NFA approval.”

The NFA release states that, “The MRA will remain in effect until such time TS Capital Management demonstrates that the firm is in complete compliance with all NFA Requirements.”

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