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Investor Alert: “Dirty Dzs Munis Puts” Trading Strategy  

Investor Alert: "Dirty Dzs Munis Puts" Trading Strategy  featured by top securities fraud attorneys, The White Law Group

Securities Investigation involving Dirty Dzs Munis Puts Trading Strategy 

The White Law Group is investigating securities claims involving the Dirty Dzs Munis Puts trading strategy and the liability brokerage firms may have for improperly recommending it to investors. 

We are currently investigating the Dirty Dzs Munis Puts investment strategy on behalf of investors. The anticipated claims would be against the brokerage firms that implemented the strategy on our clients’ behalf.   

Based on our findings thus far, we anticipate alleging, among other things, that the Dirty Dzs Munis Puts strategy was (1) high-risk and unsuitable for our clients given their financial situation, needs and investment objectives, (2) that the risks of the strategy were not fully disclosed to them, and (3) that the brokerage firm failed to conduct the proper due diligence with respect to the strategy.  

We would greatly appreciate any information that you may have concerning the method or process used in soliciting your investment in Dirty Dzs Munis Puts. 

Investment Loss Recovery

Brokerage firms are required to due diligence on any investment they recommend. If they fail to do so, they may be liable for investment losses through FINRA arbitration. 

If you are concerned about your investment in Dirty Dzs Muni Puts strategy the White Law Group may be able to help you. To speak with a securities attorney about your options, please call The White Law Group at 888-637-5510 for a free consultation. 

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