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What is PIABA? Public Investors Advocate Bar Association 

What is PIABA? Public Investors Advocate Bar Association featured by top securities fraud attorneys, The White Law Group

What is PIABA? 

PIABA stands for the Public Investors Advocate Bar Association. It’s a non-profit association comprising lawyers who primarily represent investors in disputes with the securities industry.  

PIABA members typically focus on representing individual investors in claims against brokerage firms, financial advisors, and others in the financial industry. 

The organization serves as a resource for investors seeking legal representation and provides educational resources about investor rights, securities arbitration, and the legal process involved in resolving disputes with brokers or financial firms.  

PIABA also advocates for investor protection and often addresses regulatory and legislative matters related to securities laws and investor rights. 

How does PIABA Help Investors? The Core Mission of PIABA 

PIABA, the Public Investors Advocate Bar Association, primarily aims to protect the rights of individual investors who have encountered issues or disputes with the securities industry.  

Their core mission revolves around advocating for investor protection, promoting fairness and transparency in the financial markets, and ensuring that investors have access to legal resources and representation when facing disputes with brokers or financial advisors. 

The organization’s objectives include offering educational resources to investors regarding their rights, facilitating access to legal representation, advocating for regulatory changes to enhance investor protection, and promoting ethical conduct within the securities industry.  

PIABA members often work to assist investors in recovering losses resulting from broker misconduct, unsuitable investment recommendations, or other violations by brokerage firms or financial professionals. 

Securities Attorneys at The White Law Group – PIABA Members 

PIABA primarily operates on an individual membership basis. The securities attorneys at The White Law Group, D. Daxton White, and Michael Kennedy are both long standing members of PIABA. Mr. White previously served on the PIABA Legislative Committee, actively striving to champion investors’ rights by advocating for legislative changes at both state and national levels. Mr. Kennedy previously served on the Membership Committee.

While PIABA is composed of individual members, these professionals may belong to various law firms or operate independently, coming together under the PIABA umbrella due to their shared focus on investor advocacy and securities law.  

Each member joins PIABA individually, contributing their expertise and experience to the organization’s mission of safeguarding investors’ rights. 


PIABA, the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association, collaborates with FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, on matters related to investor protection and securities arbitration.  

PIABA often engages with FINRA regarding issues, regulations, and reforms that impact investors, seeking to ensure fair treatment and advocate for improvements in the securities industry.  

FINRA Arbitration 

If you are a victim of securities fraud you can pursue restitution through FINRA arbitration. The process includes hiring a securities fraud attorney and filing a claim detailing the fraudulent activities, the amount lost, and providing supporting evidence.  

Once filed, FINRA appoints an arbitrator to review the case, determine if the investor deserves restitution, and if ruled in favor, issue an award for damages. This award aids in seeking compensation from the individual or entity responsible for the fraud. 

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Our firm represents investors in all types of securities related claims, including claims involving stock fraud, broker misrepresentation, churning, unsuitable investments, selling away, and unauthorized trading, among many others.  With over 30 years of securities law experience, The White Law Group has the expertise to help investors defrauded in securities and investment fraud attempt to recover their investment losses.   For more information, please visit our website, www.whitesecuritieslaw.com.          

Free Consultation with Securities Attorneys 

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