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Reef Oil and Gas Joint Venture Investigation

The White Law Group is investigating yet another Reef Oil and Gas partnership. Reports from some investors claim the Reef Lake Arthur Deep Joint Venture was capped soon after it was registered in 2010. Many investors may have suffered complete loss of their investment.

According to their website, “Reef is a leader in oil and natural gas exploration, production and property accusations.” The company has interests in approximately 3,000 wells through out the US with a core concentration in North Dakota and Texas.

Unfortunately for many investors the risks associated with Reef partnerships may have been understated and misrepresented by their broker-dealer. While oil and gas partnerships can be lucrative, they are extremely speculative investments and are not suitable for most retail investors.

According to Form D filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Reef Lake Arthur Deep Joint Venture is a general partnership that set out to raise over $2 million in joint venture interests. As such, brokers who sold these joint venture interests, not only recommended a high-risk product, but also exposed their clients to increased liability associated with general partnerships.

Broker-dealers that make unsuitable recommendations or misrepresent any investment in order to complete the sale, can be liable for investment losses.

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