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Investment Fraud Scams Involving Gold and Gold Futures

The White Law Group is investigating possible investment fraud scams involving gold.  With gold prices reaching record highs, financial advisors are increasingly turning to gold-related investments to increase returns. The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) recently reminded investors to be cautious about jumping onto the gold bandwagon.

David Masset, NASAA President and North Carolina Deputy Securities Administrator, recently said, “[T]he soaring price of gold has sparked a modern-day gold rush among investors eager to recover stock market losses. But it’s still a Wild West out there and dangers abound for prospective gold investors.”

Although state and provincial securities regulators have issued an alert to help investors spot the risks of gold investments, the possibility of investment fraud scams involving gold or gold futures still exists.

Historically speaking, the value of gold-related investments fluctuates even more than the stock market and investing in gold (particularly with any significant portion of your net worth) can be unsuitable. Since gold often moves in reverse of stocks and bonds, financial advisors seeking to grow accounts without concern for the risks may push gold as a safe investment.

There are many ways to invest in gold, including buying actual gold or making gold-related market investments in mutual funds, exchange-traded funds and futures, as well as shares of gold mining companies.

If you have questions about an investment you made in gold, The White Law Group may be able to help.  For a free consultation, please contact the firm’s Chicago office at 312-238-9650.

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