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Investigation Involving Raymond Lucia Sr.

The White Law Group is investigating possible securities fraud claims on behalf of an investor involving investment recommendations made by Raymond J. Lucia Sr.  Specifically, the firm is investigating the appropriateness of Mr. Lucia’s alleged recommendation that a retired investor invest in a non-traded REIT.

Mr. Lucia is best known for his “Buckets of Money” asset allocation philosophy.  According to his website, Mr. Lucia appears to tout the appropriateness of non-traded REITs for retired investors, presumably because of the income that these investments can sometimes provide.  While these investments can be appropriate in small concentrations for retired investors seeking a higher return, one of the potential problems with such investments for retirees is that non-traded REITs are often illiquid and investors cannot readily access their money for unforeseen expenses (like medical expenses).  Another problem with non-traded REITs is the high commission that financial professional generally are paid by the non-traded REIT for selling these products.  These are some of the possible issues that The White Law Group is investigating.

According to his FINRA Broker Report, Raymond Lucia Sr. worked as a registered representative in San Diego, California at Lucia Financial and First Allied Securities.

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