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Investigation Involving Jeremy G. Tintle

Have you suffered losses as a result of your dealings with Jeremy G. Tintle? If so, The White Law Group may be able to help you recover your investment losses.

According to complaint #2010024623501, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) alleges that registered broker Jeremy G. Tintle participated in a private transaction that violated both FINRA regulations and the policy of his firm Morgan Keegan & Company. In addition, Titntle allegedly made unsuitable investment recommendations, converted and misused customer funds and sold limited partnership investments to clients outside the scope of his member firm.

In 2007, Tintle allegedly recommended CTE, a limited partnership offering, to a Morgan Keegan client with conservative investment objectives. Despite CTE marketing material that stated the investment was speculative, illiquid, high risk and intended for accredited investors, Tintle transferred $1million from the client’s Morgan Keegan account to a third party account of CTE. Tintle purportedly completed the transaction away from Morgan Keegan without approval of the firm. The $1 million dollar investment apparently constituted more than 70 percent of the client’s liquid net worth. If true, such an investment allocation with indicate that the client’s liquid net assets were over concentrated in the limited partnership.

According to FINRA’s complaint, Tintle worked with Oppenheimer as well. He was apparently terminated form Oppenheimer for violating the firm’s policy regarding private transactions. Tintle allegedly made investment recommendations that they invest in Oppenheimer Funds and non-traded REITS. However, Tintle failed to invest client’s funds in the investments that they had discussed and agreed upon.

Brokerage firms have a supervisory responsibility to monitor the activity of their employees and put a stop to anyone conducting less than savory business practices. When a broker conducts business outside the scope of the firm he is registered with the act is considered “selling away.” If a broker “sells away” from his firm, the brokerage firm may still be liable for negligent supervision and responsible for investment losses. In addition, brokerage firms can be liable for investment losses resulting from unsuitable recommendations and misrepresentation.

If you made investments with Jeremy G, Tintle between 2006 and 2011 and have suffered investment losses, please call the securities attorney of The White Law Group at (312)238-9650 for a free consultation.

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