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David Lerner Apple REIT Class Action Suits

Many investors in Apple REITs sold by David Lerner are now deciding whether (1) to join the many class actions that have been filed and will be filed, or (2) to pursue individual arbitration claims.

The answer depends on the overall strength of an investors individual case and whether the amount invested is significant enough to warrant the investor pursuing recovery through arbitration.  As a member of a class in a class action, the investor has to do very little, but the investor also has little to know say in the ultimate recovery they may receive.  Whereas, in an individual arbitration, the investor may have to invest more of his/her own time (gathering documents, potentially attending a hearing, etc.), but the investor retains complete control over the process, including any decision as to whether or not to settle.

The White Law Group is currently speaking with many Apple REIT investors interested in pursuing arbitration claims against David Lerner.  These claims are based on (1) David Lerner’s failure to perform the necessary due diligence on the Apple REITs prior to offering them for sale to investors, (2) failure to adequately disclose the relationship between David Lerner and Apple REIT (or to disclose the decline in value of the previous Apple REITs sold to investors when offering Apple REIT 9 and Apple REIT 10 to investors), and (3) the unsuitability of a non-traded REIT for certain investors (retirees, investors interested in liquidity and/or adverse to risk).

If you would like to speak with an attorney to determine whether you have claims that should be arbitrated, please call the firm’s Chicago office at 312/238-9650.

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