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SEC Sanctions Western Asset Management $21 Million

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Western Asset Management Company has agreed to pay more than $21 million to settle sanctions for causing clients investment losses.

Western Asset, a subsidiary of Legg Mason, allegedly concealed a coding error that resulted in investment losses for approximately 100 clients. The coding error would apparently cause restricted private placements to be allocated into the accounts of ERISA clients. The private placements were off-limits to ERISA plans. The private placements plummeted in value yet the company purportedly waited nearly two years to notify the clients.

In addition, the SEC found that Western Asset allegedly engaged in a type of cross trading that was deemed illegal. The SEC order found that during the financial crisis Western Asset allegedly was required to sell mortgage-backed securities for clients that wanted to liquidate their accounts or were no longer eligible to hold those types of securities. according to the SEC, Western Assets prearranged sale-and-repurchase cross trades for clients at the bid price rather than a price between the bid price and the ask price. Reportedly this denied the selling client approximately $6.2 million in market savings.

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