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Kern Valley Sun: barred Lake Isabella financial adviser…

Kern Valley Sun: Other victims of now barred Lake Isabella financial adviser...featured by top securities fraud attorneys, The White Law Group

According to a recent article in the Kern Valley Sun, not everyone with a case against a barred Lake Isabella financial adviser has yet filed a complaint.

Lake Isabella financial advisor Cynthia Cowden was reportedly barred over allegations “that included elder abuse, unsuitable investments and unauthorized trading. She faced several customer disputes before she was barred, and those former clients may not be the only ones,” according to the article.

“I think there are more victims there,” Dax White, managing partner at the White Law Group, told the Kern Valley Sun. “I think there are people who either they don’t know that they have — or they think they don’t have — any recourse. They think that because she’s barred, there’s nothing they can do.”

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