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Following the market and trends in investment fraud

The following is a comprehensive guide on sites to check to follow the market, the brokerage industry and trends in investment fraud.

The best regulators to follow:

FINRA is the regulatory body that regulates the brokerage industry in the United States.  It also provides an arbitration forum for resolving disputes between investors and brokerage firms/financial advisors.

The Securities Exchange Commission regulates the securities industry generally.  They publish their most recent investigations here.

By far the most aggressive state regulator of the brokerage industry is the State of Massachusetts, having routinely hammered firms over the last few years over selling high-risk, high commission investments.

Florida has always been a hotbed of investment fraud.  If you want to know what the latest trends in investment fraud are, check Florida.

The Best Periodicals to follow:

Pretty self explanatory.  These are the best papers covering the securities industry.

While Bloomberg, Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal cover the market generally, these sites are more focused directly on the brokerage industry and its problems.

Other Great Resources:

Good for following recent cases being filed, class actions, etc.

Shameless plug, but this is all we do, and we are constantly dealing with the brokerage industry, its problems, and the new types of investment fraud that pop up so check back often for updates.

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