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FINRA barred 16 Brokers through High Risk Broker program

According to Investment News, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has barred 16 brokers from the industry through their High Risk Broker program established back in February 2013. The program targeted 42 rogue brokers using indicators such as complaints, terminations, arbitrations, and field reports, and put these brokers on fast track for regulatory actions. FINRA plans to expand the program in 2014 to included an enforcement team dedicated to prosecuting these cases.

The Investment News article stemmed from a letter written by FINRA chief executive Richard G. Ketchum in response to Sen. Edward Markery’s letter urging FINRA and the SEC to crack down on brokers who repeatedly violate securities rules and regulations. A majority of Mr. Markey’s letter discussed expungement of certain disciplinary actions from their broker record.

According to Investment News, Mr. Ketchum wrote “We are presently reviewing the overall expungemnt process. We are also considering additional rule changes to address the practice of conditioning settlements upon the investor’s agreement not to oppose expungement.”

Most disputes between brokers and investor are settled through arbitration. As part of the settlement agreement, many brokers include a clause that prohibits the investor from opposing the brokers request to have the dispute removed from their record. To learn more about expungement click here.

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