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FINRA Arbitration Claims

As you may have seen, FINRA has recently launched adds promoting the in roads made by the FINRA regulatory body in regulating the industry. The commercial touts the fact that FINRA suspended hundreds of brokers last year and recouped hundreds of millions of investors dollars. The ads also invite people to visit their new website for more information at www.finraprotects.org.

While FINRA has made in roads in regulating securities fraud on Wall Street, and while FINRA’s regulatory body does play an improtant function in regulating to industry, the reality remains that an investors’ best chance to successfully recover investment losses as a result of their brokerage firm or financial advisor’s negligence is still to file an arbitration claim through FINRA’s arbitration process (as opposed to filing a complant with its regulatory body). While FINRA regulators have the power to suspend brokers and sanction broker-dealers, if an investor wants to recoup their own losses they still need to do so by filing an individual arbitration claim.

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Tags: Last modified: July 17, 2015