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Blackstone Group $39 Million Settlement

Investor Alert: Blackstone Group

According to reports, three fund advisors with The Blackstone Group have agreed to pay nearly $39 million to settle charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The advisors are accused of failing to fully inform investors about benefits they obtained.

According to a press release, “An SEC investigation found that Blackstone Management Partners, Blackstone Management Partners III, and Blackstone Management Partners IV failed to adequately disclose the acceleration of monitoring fees paid by fund-owned portfolio companies prior to the companies’ sale or initial public offering. ” As a result, the payments essentially reduced the value of portfolio companies prior to sale and in some cases the payments were used to offset management fees.

Although Blackstone disclosed its ability to collect monitoring fees, the SEC alleged they failed to disclose its practice of accelerated monitoring fees until after they received the fees.

In addition, Blackstone allegedly failed to disclose that they had negotiated a legal fee arrangement that provided greater discount for them than the funds it advised.

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Recovery of Investment Losses

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