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NASD / FINRA Hearing Locations

Whether you realized it or not, when you set up your brokerage account you likely signed an arbitration clause agreeing that if you have a dispute with your brokerage firm or broker (including disputes related to securities fraud) you agreed to arbitrate those claims through the arbitration provisions of FINRA (formerly the NASD). Accordingly, not only will the FINRA rules apply to your claim, but your hearing will also be held at a hearing location designated by FINRA. The following is a link to the FINRA website that shows the various hearing locations that FINRA currently has throughout the country.

Generally, your case will be conducted at the FINRA hearing location closest to your home. For example, if you live in say Vero Beach or Melbourne, your securities fraud case would likely be heard in either Orlando or Boca Raton (the two hearing locations closest to that area). If you live in Stuart, Jupiter, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Boynton Beach, your hearing would likely be conducted in Boca Raton. If you live in Fort Myers or Naples, your hearing would likely be held in either Tampa or Fort Lauderdale.

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